I was so excited to be able to be apart of this lovely cause. A few of my Leeloo friends and I have added our own special touch to some of Cat Davison's sweet record bowls. Not only are they now available for purchase, but the proceeds go to the RSPCA, a charity of particular relevance and importance around Christmas time when people may not been thinking wisely in regards to new pet choices. 

Check them out here and help out. And remember to steer clear of pet shops this christmas, if you are serious about adding a pet to your family this time of year, pay your local animal shelter a visit.

Merry Christmas!!!

today I had a wonderful day. I checked out my work at the exhibition I mentioned below at gallery285. it looked rather nice up on the wall with lots of amazing other drawers. I even snapped up a couple of drawings! 

I then did a bit of op shopping on Crown St, where I picked up a lovely vintage red skirt at a great price!

And then I ventured over to The Finders Keepers markets, which was just amazing. What a long way that little market has come. I was overloaded with so many wonderful things I didn't know where to begin! 

When I got home I layed out all my goodies which I often do after a big spend up and when I walked past I thought "hmmm they all look rather lovely together."

So I took a photo.

Some of the purchases featured treasures from Leeloo, miss beba, one blue wren and lots of other wonderful sellers which I will try and post about soon when I get pictures! But check out these babies mentioned!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

and check out this gorgeous little shop.

In my hunt for all handmade presents this christmas I bought a little writing set as a pressie (and a couple of notebooks for myself! I mean may as well save on postage!!), and can I just say, it is even better than I expected!

I love stationery and this stuff is so sweet and lovely, I promise you will love it.

Attend if you can!






0404 510 288



Well I forgot to mention that I have a few little drawings in the show mentioned above! I am so sorry I don't have any pictures, but I shall hopefully get some and post. It is all very new stuff. Different. But have a look if you are near by. xxxx

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