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[image from David O'Brien Artwork, cool ey?]

1. art is clinically proven to bring small children good luck.

2. if you display art in your home, you will cook nicer meals for your family.

3. artists will sleep softer, and kittens stay kittens for longer if you buy art.

4. art cures Swine Flu.

you can make a start for
a better life here or here.
or if you have got a better
idea. please share.

on the mend

welcome to a new week lovely people.

I am glad that I can file that last week out of my mind. Because despite the gorgeous weather, I was stuck in bed being sick and not enjoying it.

But, never mind, we must not dwell. Because look. I did manage to take what I believe to be pretty photos of some old drawings. Well oldish anyway. Why? To list them in my shop of course.

This was a bit of a challenge for me, as these are probably some of my most favourite illustrations. But the poor things were starting to suffocate being cooped up in a box, so it is time to let them shine I think!

They are calmly sitting for sale, over here. They look super special framed, and go nicely together, or on their own (if you want to deal make, just contact me).

Fingers crossed this week is a bit better. But I have a good feeling. Oh you know, being my birthday and everything tomorrow (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

an unfortunate day.

a shame really.
because the sun
was perfect and
the flowers were

better luck
next time kiddo.

and if you are thinking
"jesus woman, there is
no way I am affording

be calmed in the knowledge
that this sick set can be yours
for a mere $3 US here

to make it over the wednesday hump day,

here are some links I am loving.

a lovely Katie has been
sweet enough
link me on her blog.
(thank you!)

along side me
sits a link to this
fantastic blog, which has
a very
daydream lily vibe.

last night while
sick in bed I
watched this video
via super
website Bakery. I mean
the video is good,
can I be bothered?

and do you think
I should buy
these gorgeous
shoes? gah.
want them. badly.

vintage elle mag illustration

found here.

happy hump day.

I used to do custom drawings,
and it was so much stressful fun.
They are back. Indulge here.
(p.s. sorry everyone for
the previously wonky
link. all should
be good to
go now.)

then you MUST think about your ingredients too.

I cooked this for dinner last night to celebrate the viewing of the Masterchef final here in Australia. Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking, "You and ten million others, I couldn't care less what you cooked last night". But. I want to tell you why it was so good (hmm even thought boyfriend didn't really like it, he is just fussy).

I use the best ingredients I can afford and get my hands on. And at every opportunity I can I buy local. I thought I would share with you how I do that, for Sydney readers. And for everyone else, it just gives you an idea on where you can start.
Organic Asparagus

I start locally at a farm around the corner from me. I realise that this is not suitable for everyone, but I guess I am lucky that even though I live in a built up area, there are still big properties and farms close by. Buying direct saves me a whole lot of money, and I get the fruit and veges literally moments after they have been picked. These are not certified organic, but I have had many chats to the owner, and he tells me exactly what he does and doesn't spray, and how vigorously.

What I can't get from the farm I order online from Lettuce Deliver Organics (cute name hey!). They deliver to most suburbs of Sydney twice a week. If you check out their website, you will see that they have such a huge range of things. Amazing F&V but also meats, groceries, breads, drinks and household items. They are such a lovely family business, and you seriously won't be disappointed. My mince for my Kofta, came from there, as well as some of the other ingredients.

Copley Farmer's Market, Boston


While online shopping is WONDERFULLY convenient, and Lettuce Deliver Organics always ensure that you get the best quality produce, nothing beats smelling, tasting and choosing ingredients yourself. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month, I wake up as early as I can and head to the Hawkesbury Harvest Farmers Market to see what is on offer. I rarely write a list (unless there is something I really know I want), and I let the flavours and smells and cheeriness of the farmers and stall holders dictate what I buy. I always grab a coffee, and walk around to all the stalls sampling all the amazing food (hey it is breakfast!) and take my time, because this is something you don't want to rush. Seriously, this is an experience I just can’t describe. When I finally dragged my Mum out of bed to come with me one morning, she loved it and has never missed a trip since.

Fresh Organic Strawberries

There are obviously always going to be things that you can’t buy from these three sources, and so there are times when I do make a quick dash into a supermarket. But, as long as you check the labels of what you are buying, to see where you product is coming from, and making sure there isn’t any weird added nasties (preservatives and strange chemically sounding ingredients), then you should be ok. You can also check out this amazing resource for the low-down on the environmental and social record of companies behind common brand names. It might not always work, but if I am buying something from a supermarket, eg tomato sauce, I try going for the one that is right up high with only one or two facings as opposed to the 500 bottles of the same brand that are staring you in the face.
Radishes and Turnips - Redfire Farm CSA

So, as I am sure many of you are inspired to get cooking after huge success of Masterchef Australia, I hope that you can also be inspired to choose the best ingredients you can. You body will certainly thank you. And so will the environment.

All photos are by
amazing photographer
(and food blogger!)

here are some of the works that I had in my recent exhibition at The Wall, World Bar - Kings Cross, Sydney.

For now I am just going to leave you with images of my work (that are now available as prints in my shop). But do expect to see a full report on the actual show, with pictures and the work from the amazing wonderful Ashlee Maegan, to come soon.

It is just that it is friday, and I am tired and I haven't got to the pictures just yet.





Nebula's on the Brain


1. Cosmic Kid A, 2. Cosmic Kid F,

3. Cosmic Kid E, 4. Cosmic Kid D,

5. Cosmic Kid B, 6. Cosmic Kid G,

7. Cosmic Kid H, 8. Cosmic Kid C

For all the details about each specific work, head to my etsy shop. I am so thrilled with the amazing quality of the prints from Image Science, they look as vibrant as the originals!

And as I said, stay tuned for futher post exhibition details.

[A huge thank you to all
the wonderful contributions
my previous post. The discussion
going on is just amazing.
And to any new readers,
come join the fun here]

the line for The Drawing Room, curated by Audrey Kawasaki.

Or maybe I should more kindly title it,

"Sydney Emerging Art Scene VS Everywhere Else"

Dear Sydney,

In case you don't know, (which you probably don't because you are rather self focused), I am young emerging illustrator, who has been exploring the fabulous artist/creative scene and world for the past few years.

I must admit, for the first year or so, I stayed in my little shell and mainly explored all the artistic offerings online. I lived on websites like DeviantART and myspace, and interacted through commenting, forums and emailings.

I was just blown away by the talent out there in the online world. Both discovered and undiscovered in the "real world". Audrey Kawasaki was already killing it in this particular "scene" (By that I mean emerging contemporary I guess as opposed to snobbish gallery type stuff), but that is not to say what she was doing wasn't fricken amazing and just as valuable as the things on display in the AGNSW. But then there were 'undiscovered' talents like Caitlin Shearer who was just so screamingly popular online, yet most "gallery" types and probably you too Sydney, wouldn't have even heard of her (yet you are her home town!).

I was unbelievably inspired by these artist and others, more than I ever would have been at school or art college. These kinds of artist didn't even get a look in at school. If you didn't sell your work in ridiculously expensive galleries, or do things "extreme" like put yourself through plastic surgery to look like other famous artists or paintings (Orlan), you weren't considered art worth studying.

I remember the day I showed my art teacher DeviantART, what a laugh that was.

During these past few years since I have been DeviantARTing, blogging, myspacing and online networking, I have received such amazing feedback and opportunities. What I found interesting, was I was getting more feedback from the Melbourne kids than anyone from Sydney. Well, other states from Australia too, but pretty much nothing from Sydney. I 'found' and came into contact with artists such as Bec Winnel, Kelly Smith and Catherine Campbell, all were pretty much undiscovered, but starting to kick their way into this online world with their amazing talent. I own work from all of these ladies, another reason why this whole online thing is so great.

But yes Sydney, you still hadn't really done anything to show your support as far as I could see. Next, gallery 696 from Melbourne was keen to have my work in some of their group shows, and so I did that, and every single time I entered something my work sold. It was just so easy. And I felt so nurtured and cared for. Like people wanted to go to the shows and support the new talent. People actually gave a F*** about supporting their friends and peers.

Since, sadly, I haven't visited Melbourne yet (bring on OCTOBER!) I made a little promise to myself last year to get more involved in the real world art scene here in Sydney. Sure, I have been to the big galleries, but I hadn't really explored what else is on offer for us emerging ones.

I found a few group shows that were keen to have me, so I went for it and put my work in, but gosh, didn't matter how good the work is in the show was, it needed people in order for it to be appreciated, let alone sold. No one in Sydney gives a shit about these kinds of shows that are for new emerging artists. So no one goes. While every little bit of exposure helps, it does get a bit disheartening when the only people who are looking at your work are your family, who can get front row seats of your work at home anyway.

So this year, Sydney, I said that I would try. And make that effort and go to these shows and support these artist, and go out of my comfort zone. Sure, I don't live close to all the action, and it costs me about $20 in tolls just to arrive in the city, and that doesn't even involve parking and petrol!, but I said I would still make the effort.

What I discovered, through my own observations, and from chatting to others, is that you are just too scared Sydney to take that risk. You don't have the ability to decide you like something for yourself. If someone hasn't already blogged about it, or had photos of the event in MX, or posted all over Facebook, you are just not into it. I mean heaven forbid if you take a risk and it turns out shit and you waste your precious time.

But what makes it worse is when you do finally decide to make an effort with something, (eg. Curvy) you have to make sure you make everyone else there feels unworthy. Because you are just the coolest kid around with your fashion and the way you walk and laugh and who you are friends with. And that is the way you would like it to stay.

And then you look at the fantastic artists like Caitlin, Bec, Kelly and Catherine who I mentioned before, who owe their success to not you, but the the love and support they get from the internet and everyone else all over the world.

So Sydney, you probably couldn't even give two shits about my ramblings. And hell, who am I to comment, because I am 'Sydney' too. I live here. I eat here. And I am probably just as bad as everyone else. I haven't even been to Melbourne, so I probably don't even have the right to comment.

It is just sad when you do "make the effort", and you realise that you get more support online from other states than you do your home town.

Get off your buts and start doing something for us kids. Hey, you might even find you enjoy yourself for a change?


The Cynical Sydney Artist.

Disclaimer; And for those Sydney readers that are wonderfully supportive and loving and kind to me, you know who you are, and I thank you forever with all my heart. And I know you agree with me. So please don't take offense to this.

Readers, I would love to hear your opinions on this. What do you think of the Sydney art scene? Are you more inclined to just stay and home and view your art there? Is Melbourne better?


doing it for the boys.

us ladies tend to notice when there is a bit of a gender imbalance (cough* Triple J's hottest 100 of all time, but I wont go there *cough), and over the past few weeks I have been thinking that A LOT of my super artistic crushes tend to be females.

So I thought I would share with you some of my more recent art lovish discoveries that happen to be from amazingly talented male artists.

< Daniel Almeroth

Zenvironments >

I love these, but I also think that you can definitely tell that a guy drew them.

What do you think? Is there a "male" art/illustration aesthetic?

come and join me and Ashlee.

get there at 8 for free champas.

I wonder what I am going to wear...


I can't believe I haven't seen this site sooner (maybe it is really new?)

Society6. Basically it is a super sweet online community, that you can "post" stuff on (I guess like a blog), for artists and creative types. I don't really know much, I only just joined!

All I know is that the art over there is amazing. I mean check out this girl!

Anyway, you can apply for grants like this
Pikaland one! (*cough come vote for me cough*).

So come join join me in all the fun.

Friday Fashions

So, I was tagged by the lovely Plain Bananas, which doesn't hapen to me often, so I thought I would dabble.

Only problem is, I am pretty boring, and have a short attention span, so I am only going to answer the FIRST question.

What are you wearing today?

clockwise from top; 2 Blocks South jeans;
Vintage shoes from Brown Bag Vintage ;
My favourite vintage
jumper from Golden Old Rags;
Necklace by Little Shop Of
from Leeloo (not the actual one I am wearing);

What are you wearing for "Friday Fashions?"
haha maybe a theme? You might see the same clothes repeated over.

(you can just do what I did, or the original, or none at all. whatevs).

To see the original tagging
over at Plain Banana's blog,
click here.

comment issues...

anyone have trouble commenting me?
sometimes I have issues with blogger inbuilt comments like the ones I have here..
someone mentioned they couldn't comment.
If this is happening to you, tweet me.
thanks x

How stupid of me, I love it when people link to things. Why don't I do it more often?

Taking the tips from the amazing BAKERY, I am going to have a crack at speedlinking.

Here we have, some things that caught my eye on the internet today.
(usually I would star, bookmark, comment, email or tweet about these things, but today, we blog)

artwork by Catherine Campbell

- Catherine Campbell's exhibition that I am wishing I could be going to.
- Well, this post, motivating me to do this in the first place.
- Loving what is going on with plastic water bottles in Aus.
- These sketches, so perfect.
- I never ever tire of looking at her gorgeous drawings. Go see.
- Learning all about Technorati and what it means for my blog, thanks to this site.
- Family. blogging.

Feel like have a crack at this whole "speedlinking" thing too? Just write a post, throw in some links you like, and let me know about it in the comments.

Also thinking I should write a "how-to" post and share some love with the peeps.
Any ideas on what I should be howing?


While I have been rather super busy working on new fun drawings for this, (Yes I am going to keep reminding you) I have also been creating some drawings for friends, loved ones, and I guess for the general world.

Have been combining some new and old techniques and I think I am liking where this is going.

First two is a drawing for a friend and a drawing for my boyfriend.
The others are just a little something I am working on. More to come.

Let me know what you think.

Sorry for the image overload! But we all love images right?

But you know what is freaky.
I found the link
to these amazing images here,
who was reminded of them by
a girl called Renee.
(My name, not me.)

join us, in the debate

American Apparel VS Certton.

My vote?
Australian Made baby.

But, my boyfriend could

really use your thoughts.
go here.

Jason Thielke, originally uploaded by Robot Oil.

thank you to Pip for posting my new favourite image

'hand-me-down' clothes
treasury features
yoga vibes
follow fridays
amazing images
sweet sounds.

thank you percivalroad for cho cho choosing me, here.

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