While I have been rather super busy working on new fun drawings for this, (Yes I am going to keep reminding you) I have also been creating some drawings for friends, loved ones, and I guess for the general world.

Have been combining some new and old techniques and I think I am liking where this is going.

First two is a drawing for a friend and a drawing for my boyfriend.
The others are just a little something I am working on. More to come.

Let me know what you think.

Sorry for the image overload! But we all love images right?


  1. jade monique said...
    Renee I LOVE the set at the bottom. Such a pretty way to display messages (and much much nicer than the govt notices!)

    and of course i love the top one haha :)
    Jessie said...
    i love these! and good luck for the exhibition too, i wish i was up in sydney town so i could have a peek myself
    rejenerate said...
    So in love with your 'eco art' as I have dubbed it :) Posted about them over on my blog

    nataliette said...
    hi renee! (tis nataliette from twitter) lovely drawings. i really adore simple clean homey drawings like this!
    Absolutely wonderful! :0)
    Tiffany Chase said...
    What a great and simply way to send a message. Its great- make more!
    Hayley said...
    these are so amazing (:
    i absolutely ADORE the first one. SO CUTE <3

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