I used to do custom drawings,
and it was so much stressful fun.
They are back. Indulge here.
(p.s. sorry everyone for
the previously wonky
link. all should
be good to
go now.)


  1. surfy birdy said...
    that is wonderful. :)
    Unknown said...
    I love the way you make them your own, so interesting to look at!
    Katie Palmer said...
    I love these! It's nice how you don't try to make them photographic, defeating the purpose of drawing them. :P
    Hayley said...
    these are wonderful! but the link won't work for me... it just has me keep logging in...?
    chamelia said...
    That's a lovely idea. Some really nice results too. Love the very last rendering - the one with the graphic element incorporated.

    Also, I wanted to say a big hello. I used to 'watch' you, many moons ago on DeviantArt and was very pleasantly suprised to find you continuing on here. Great blog! x

    C is for Chanell
    Hayley said...
    thanks so so much for the link!!!
    and to answer your question: the zucchini is large and the flavor is amazing. it tastes so fresh! i love how its so big and home grown, also. hahaa.

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