Friday Fashions

So, I was tagged by the lovely Plain Bananas, which doesn't hapen to me often, so I thought I would dabble.

Only problem is, I am pretty boring, and have a short attention span, so I am only going to answer the FIRST question.

What are you wearing today?

clockwise from top; 2 Blocks South jeans;
Vintage shoes from Brown Bag Vintage ;
My favourite vintage
jumper from Golden Old Rags;
Necklace by Little Shop Of
from Leeloo (not the actual one I am wearing);

What are you wearing for "Friday Fashions?"
haha maybe a theme? You might see the same clothes repeated over.

(you can just do what I did, or the original, or none at all. whatevs).

To see the original tagging
over at Plain Banana's blog,
click here.


  1. Kelly said...
    Thanks lovely.
    Wow I see you've given your blog a huge overhaul!
    I like it!
    Anonymous said...
    Haha Love your take on this!!

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