doing it for the boys.

us ladies tend to notice when there is a bit of a gender imbalance (cough* Triple J's hottest 100 of all time, but I wont go there *cough), and over the past few weeks I have been thinking that A LOT of my super artistic crushes tend to be females.

So I thought I would share with you some of my more recent art lovish discoveries that happen to be from amazingly talented male artists.

< Daniel Almeroth

Zenvironments >

I love these, but I also think that you can definitely tell that a guy drew them.

What do you think? Is there a "male" art/illustration aesthetic?


  1. Bec said...
    seems to me that guys are more likely to draw guys, and their work tends more to angles. girls are more likely to draw girls, and tend more to curves.
    Catacomb said...
    great post! Seriously. The lack of promotion for boys in art craft makes me sad.
    renee anne said...
    that is a really interesting thought Bec, I bet you could "psychoanalyise" that or something!!

    And yeah Catacomb, they are under promoted, but maybe they are fearful of the sterotype, who knows!!

    thanks for your comments :)
    Unknown said...
    From what I've seen, I find male artists are much more prone to harsher contrasts and hard lines. I think most women gravitate towards images that are more easily digested, like Bec said, more curves, and subtle shifts in colour and tone.

    But of course there are all kinds of people bending and breaking my perceptions of gender aesthetics.
    Unknown said...
    exploding head ingenious

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