shall we try, speedlinking.

How stupid of me, I love it when people link to things. Why don't I do it more often?

Taking the tips from the amazing BAKERY, I am going to have a crack at speedlinking.

Here we have, some things that caught my eye on the internet today.
(usually I would star, bookmark, comment, email or tweet about these things, but today, we blog)

artwork by Catherine Campbell

- Catherine Campbell's exhibition that I am wishing I could be going to.
- Well, this post, motivating me to do this in the first place.
- Loving what is going on with plastic water bottles in Aus.
- These sketches, so perfect.
- I never ever tire of looking at her gorgeous drawings. Go see.
- Learning all about Technorati and what it means for my blog, thanks to this site.
- Family. blogging.

Feel like have a crack at this whole "speedlinking" thing too? Just write a post, throw in some links you like, and let me know about it in the comments.

Also thinking I should write a "how-to" post and share some love with the peeps.
Any ideas on what I should be howing?



  1. rejenerate said...
    Aw thanks - you can speedlink me any time Renee!

    I think you should do a how-to on getting your personality across in an online forum...not sure how you would go about 'how-toing' that especially because I'm sure you're not even trying...but your cyber identity seems to match your in-person personality exactly...that's not always easy to do!

    Did that make sense??? he he he
    Jessie said...
    oh i love it when people put together a whole heap of lovely links! i should try and do it some more maybe....
    as for the 'how-toing', i'm not sure! but i'll have a think... sorry that isn't actually that helpful hehe

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