for those needing a little kick

to make it over the wednesday hump day,

here are some links I am loving.

a lovely Katie has been
sweet enough
link me on her blog.
(thank you!)

along side me
sits a link to this
fantastic blog, which has
a very
daydream lily vibe.

last night while
sick in bed I
watched this video
via super
website Bakery. I mean
the video is good,
can I be bothered?

and do you think
I should buy
these gorgeous
shoes? gah.
want them. badly.

vintage elle mag illustration

found here.

happy hump day.


  1. Jessie said...
    totally buy those shoes! they are GORGEOUS!
    thanks for all the lovely links, yesterday was most definitely hump day!
    and yes florence an dthe machine is out, i got it at jbhifi last night on the way home, i love getting new cds :)
    Dawn Tan said...
    I hope you bought the shoes. They're a beauty! : ) Anyway, your drawings are so lovely! I especially dig g landscape portrait ones! : ) Anyway, I'm intending to sell my 'warm tea' print. But I need to perfect it first : )
    Katie Palmer said...
    I feel special. :) Thank you!

    And I LOVE those shoes! Buy 'em. lol

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