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I, like many of you, spend my spare time looking at images of hundreds of goregous, beautifully amazing apartments and interiors. I guess the addiction started when I found apartment therapy, along with design sponge, the design files, sfgirlbybay, you know, you get my drift.

I love these sites, along with alllll the others. They provide me with endless inspiration, ideas, motivation, all of that. My new(ish) apartment is starting to come together nicely, thanks to a whole host of DIY ideas, eBay hunting tips, layout ideas, storage solutuions etc that would just never have happened without these fantastic sites. (thanks guys).

image from;the selby

Sometimes, they leave me feeling a little disheartened. Overwhelmed. Quite simply not good enough. While I constantly look at a little illustration on my wall with the quote "these things take time", sometimes it just doesn't help. I want it all done and perfect now. They seem to be able to do it for all the pictures! Why can't I!

image from;the selby

I started to think. Maybe, maybe these homes only look so super amazingly wonderful due to all the amazing photography. Because really, photography is pretty super, and it can make even the ugliest thing look pretty. So maybe this is where I am going wrong? I am an average photographer. And my eyes are no camera. So maybe I just need to hire a pro photographer (the selby please) to come over, take some shots, and make my apartment feel better about itself. Because to be quite honest, I think it has developed a apartment (body) image disorder.

image from;the selby

Of various lovely peoples homes from the selby (found via the design files, thank you!). Mess and chaotic looking pretty and perfect.

Ahhh, who am I kidding.

*image from;the selby

* [I found this one rather hilarious.
I have this EXACT "artistic sculpture"
going on in my bedroom. I tell my
boyfriend every morning when we
wake up that it needs to be cleaned up
today. But maybe his argeument
now has a valid case... eek.]


My End of Financial Year 30 June Excitement Etsy Birthday Wish List!

I had a bit of a "OMG ITS NEARLY JULY"
moment just before, which got me excited.
You see, July is my birthday. YAY! So, this can sometimes mean presents. And also sometimes money from my tax return (if I am lucky!). And so this can lead to be creating wish lists for items that are usually a tad out of my price range.

Now all I have to do is hope that the right people read this! (or that you are feeling generous).

I chose all the items from etsy, just to make it easier.

These two prints from nateduval.

Framed next to each other thank you.

And if not those, then maybe these from the same amazing artist.


This cookie jar from fruitflypie.
Cute and practical. We all love cupcakes,
espeically when they contain yummy foods.


And to be sure I am looking pretty on my birthday,
this gorgeous bra from hopeless.

For my trip to Melbourne in October
and because Jen
from reJenerate
is just the sweetest.


More art. But seriously look at it. This one is from groundwork.

And last but never last one
(especially when we are talking presents!),
this ring from GlamRockEmporium.
If I am too wimpy
to get my horseshoe tatoo,
at least I can still look
with this.

Happy shopping Friends!!!

There has been much excitement recently about the new issue of Frankie hitting the news stands. I have been looking forward to the issue as I love reading it in the mornings with breakfast as part of my morning meditation. (Although for the last week the wonderful pages of Michi Girl's Like I Give a Frock has been keeping my company; I have had it for ages but never read it, what a CRACK UP!)

Yesterday I made my lovely boyfriend go out and get me a copy so I would be all set for this morning routine.

Well, as many of you do, I read every word in the mag, and I was feeling rather light and happy after the wonderful introduction on page 10 - "30 Issues, 30 things we love" (I am a sucker for that heratwarming type stuff), and turned over to begin on the "dear frankie" section.

As I was reading the letter of the month, I started to think; "hmm this sounds familiar..."

Déjà Vu maybe?

Wait.... I WROTE THIS!!


Ok ok. Sorry about that. Yes yes, I realise it is nothing MAJOR. But you don't understand, or maybe you do. This is like the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. Bahaha.

It is my life long dream to be in an issue of Frankie, and while this may not offically count, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

EDIT: I have just been made aware by the lovely lovely Pip from meet me at mikes, that it was her son's fabulous interview that inspired me to write this letter!! Go Ari, high five my friend. (And find his interview here)

letter of the month
in this months
issue of Frankie. Wait...
where is my jacket!!

Sadly my running around the kitchen
in excitement was soon brought to a
halt when hearing the news about MJ;
It is funny how things can change the
direction of your day so fast.
RIP Michael Jackson,
thanks for being a genius.


"I'm bringing lots of those
"paper websites"
that we call
on the 8 hour plane."

- Style Rookie; who would have thought kids could get any cooler.

just thought I would poke you in the direction of a little guest post that I did over at Indie Fixx (super sweet blog; check it y'all).

the post is apart of a little series that is taking place over there where guest bloggers are sharing a list of "top tens".

I love guest posts, because it is always so weird reading back over what you have said. I don't really ever read back my posts here, but guest posts I do, and it feels weird hearing myself in a different context. Ok I am probably making no sense.

I also did the little illustration to go along with the post, which you can actually download a free printable verison of HERE.

Enjoy book clubbers.

A Cosmic Connection

Click to Enlarge

Sorry readers of Ashlee's blog, I just had to post about it too! (OF COURSE!)

In less than a month's time, I will be having my first ever semi soloish art exhibition with the amazingly super talented Ashlee Maegan !!! (I think I am entitled the use of 3 exclamation marks for that statement!!! [and again] )

Basically I am super excited, but super franticly getting myself organised for the big event. If you haven't noticed the poster up there (!?), we are working towards a bit of a cosmic theme.

I love the idea of working towards something, especially with a theme, and especially when you have someone else working along with you. I mean, I do love the lonely world and life of the artist, but gosh I need that personal reinforcement. Pooling ideas and sharing thoughts, it is just so motivating.

So kids, its going to be good, and I expect all Sydney residents to be there.

A Cosmic Connection; 15th of July @ The Wall, World Bar, Sydney

my bro and his snow.

so peeps I have tweeted about this but I thought I would do a little post on it now too.

my bro (who so kindly did all the behind the scenes work on my website.) is obsessed with the snow and snowboarding about as much as I am obsessed with art.

with me talking about blogs and what not all the time, he decided that he would be up for that too, which I think is great, and started his own one.

I love it when people that you know or family members blog. Because as a reader I think you get a different experience out of it, than you would reading a strangers blog. You see, with a stranger, you don't know anything more about them apart from what they share in their blog. But with someone you already know, reading their blog is like hearing about a whole new side of them that you didn't even realise existed. You learn things and I think it is just great (like when my boyfriend starting blogging).

The bro's blog is all about the Australian snow season, just starting to take shape once again for winter, covering weather, fashion, boards along with other things. It is great because he gives it a bit of a young edge. I particular like this post because I think it is a great example of how weird the economy is, and how frustrating it is for us Aussies who go online shopping!

I have been staring at all the loveliness for too long.

This baby will now be mine.

Please proceed to view the
super amazing shop,
and the even cuter one day
series by the wonderful
talented and insightful amy

p.s. she is superduperly australian.

Small works for BSG

I have had these babies sitting around for a little bit but haven't put them up.
Actually a little sad as they are no long in my company! But for good reasons. I have posted them down to Melbourne to the Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works 09 exhibition.

You have already seen these, but they joined the others for the ride.

I hope they made it ok! Hehe. Wish me luck. And if you are in the area, swing by and let me know what you think!

Small Works 09

Group Show - 2000 works less than 30x30x30cm
On show from Sat 20 Jun 09.
Opening & Prizes Fri 6pm 26 Jun 09
Galleries 1, 2 & 3

322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065.
(opp Bar Open)
Ph 0419 390 478
Hours 11-6pm Wed-Sun

Here comes the sun...

Despite the fact that it is getting harder and harder to get up each morning here in Australia, people over the other side of the world are starting to experience those lovely longer days and warm glowing rays.

To celebrate, the wonderful Poppytalk Handmade have just launched their new market, Here Comes the Sun.

The market is curated by the wonderful Poppytalk, who has a fabulous blog, which is a daily read for me, and features so many lovely things, I think it is a great way to shop for all things pretty, summery and of course handmade!

Be sure to check it out and keep an eye out for some Leeloo stars! *cough* me *cough* rejenerate *cough*

And I am not that jealous of the approaching summer, because well, coffee tastes that much better when you are cold!

this is why

This is why I love ordering things from etsy.
Firstly you get to receive parcels.
And if that ain't cool enough.
You get to receive parcels with
sweet sweet stamps on them. (see above).

Thanks the wonderful Nuka.


In full YART swing.

Just a little reminder announcement to let you all know that the YART SALE is in full swing now over in my little SHOP! (For some reason whenever I type YART, it neesd to be in CAPS!)

Print for sale in my etsy shop

All prints in the YART section of my shop are are full 35% OFF and have FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

But wait, never fear, for the rest of the items in my shop I am offering FREE SHIPPING within AUSTRALIA, so come on locals, now is your chance! (I hate shipping prices).

I have been doing a bit of YART browsing myself, and have already added a few to the ol favourites!

check out this super amazing art print from dertigdecember.
Now, why did I think I would be satisfied with only HALF a scone!

I am not usually jealous of America.
And I don't have a desperate urge to go there.
Australia is pretty sweet,
and I want to see it before I travel to other parts of the world.

But when I see blog posts like
this and this,
I absolutely want to pack up all my things
and move there.

Maybe it is just a case of
it kind of thing. hmmmm.
I will just keep telling myself that.

Etsy YART Sale

Having not really ever had a sale before, and loving shopping in places that do have sales, I thought I might jump on board and join in on the YART Sale, that is being unoffically run over at the wonderful Etsy.

This year's sale will be the “2nd Annual Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST.” It will take place June 10 through June 14, 2009. Everyone with a shop on Etsy is invited to participate!

I will be organising a little sale section in the shop, and I will probably throw in some free shipping offers just for fun too!

So be sure to keep an eye out on the 10th June (I will probably just start in Aussie time because otherwise I get too confused!) and I will post back with more details on the day.

Blanket Mag Issue 16

little drawing by me in blanket magazine issue 16

really love this online mag, blanket magazine. If you haven't heard of it before, I seriously recommend the 2 Bucks to download it. So much super sweet art and so much "good value" for the emerging artist/illustrator.

And I also have a few reasons behind this little promo.

1. I have a little drawing nestled in one of the pages! Have a look!
2. Gorgeous new illustration in there by Bec Winnel.
3. Lovely interview and portrait by Kate Lightfoot.
4. The whole thing is good. Get it.

So much goodness.

Print from showoff ad available here

(oh and I also have a "showoff ad" in there too! Check out that section for a sweet advertising deal!).

yo yo.

self promo!

no not really; look!

the super people at extra cheeese (note the e)
have put up a little feature of my work.
this sort of thing makes me smile.

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