just thought I would poke you in the direction of a little guest post that I did over at Indie Fixx (super sweet blog; check it y'all).

the post is apart of a little series that is taking place over there where guest bloggers are sharing a list of "top tens".

I love guest posts, because it is always so weird reading back over what you have said. I don't really ever read back my posts here, but guest posts I do, and it feels weird hearing myself in a different context. Ok I am probably making no sense.

I also did the little illustration to go along with the post, which you can actually download a free printable verison of HERE.

Enjoy book clubbers.


  1. jen said...
    So sorry I forgot to tell you it was up! Thank you so much for contributing though. ;)
    rejenerate said...
    Your cute books are now hanging in my workspace...gorgeous :)

    Heading over to check out your interview now...

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