Blanket Mag Issue 16

little drawing by me in blanket magazine issue 16

really love this online mag, blanket magazine. If you haven't heard of it before, I seriously recommend the 2 Bucks to download it. So much super sweet art and so much "good value" for the emerging artist/illustrator.

And I also have a few reasons behind this little promo.

1. I have a little drawing nestled in one of the pages! Have a look!
2. Gorgeous new illustration in there by Bec Winnel.
3. Lovely interview and portrait by Kate Lightfoot.
4. The whole thing is good. Get it.

So much goodness.

Print from showoff ad available here

(oh and I also have a "showoff ad" in there too! Check out that section for a sweet advertising deal!).

yo yo.

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  1. Jessie said...
    i got blanket yesterday + everything is so unreal! so inspiring.

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