my bro and his snow.

so peeps I have tweeted about this but I thought I would do a little post on it now too.

my bro (who so kindly did all the behind the scenes work on my website.) is obsessed with the snow and snowboarding about as much as I am obsessed with art.

with me talking about blogs and what not all the time, he decided that he would be up for that too, which I think is great, and started his own one.

I love it when people that you know or family members blog. Because as a reader I think you get a different experience out of it, than you would reading a strangers blog. You see, with a stranger, you don't know anything more about them apart from what they share in their blog. But with someone you already know, reading their blog is like hearing about a whole new side of them that you didn't even realise existed. You learn things and I think it is just great (like when my boyfriend starting blogging).

The bro's blog is all about the Australian snow season, just starting to take shape once again for winter, covering weather, fashion, boards along with other things. It is great because he gives it a bit of a young edge. I particular like this post because I think it is a great example of how weird the economy is, and how frustrating it is for us Aussies who go online shopping!

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  1. Matt said...
    Hey renee, Thanks heaps for the feature!
    I had a lot of page views today!

    Your the best
    ill have your website updated soon. Hopefully by end of the week.

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