There has been much excitement recently about the new issue of Frankie hitting the news stands. I have been looking forward to the issue as I love reading it in the mornings with breakfast as part of my morning meditation. (Although for the last week the wonderful pages of Michi Girl's Like I Give a Frock has been keeping my company; I have had it for ages but never read it, what a CRACK UP!)

Yesterday I made my lovely boyfriend go out and get me a copy so I would be all set for this morning routine.

Well, as many of you do, I read every word in the mag, and I was feeling rather light and happy after the wonderful introduction on page 10 - "30 Issues, 30 things we love" (I am a sucker for that heratwarming type stuff), and turned over to begin on the "dear frankie" section.

As I was reading the letter of the month, I started to think; "hmm this sounds familiar..."

Déjà Vu maybe?

Wait.... I WROTE THIS!!


Ok ok. Sorry about that. Yes yes, I realise it is nothing MAJOR. But you don't understand, or maybe you do. This is like the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. Bahaha.

It is my life long dream to be in an issue of Frankie, and while this may not offically count, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

EDIT: I have just been made aware by the lovely lovely Pip from meet me at mikes, that it was her son's fabulous interview that inspired me to write this letter!! Go Ari, high five my friend. (And find his interview here)

letter of the month
in this months
issue of Frankie. Wait...
where is my jacket!!

Sadly my running around the kitchen
in excitement was soon brought to a
halt when hearing the news about MJ;
It is funny how things can change the
direction of your day so fast.
RIP Michael Jackson,
thanks for being a genius.


  1. rejenerate said...
    Hey I read that last night! You're famous! What a lovely letter...I'm not surprised you got published. Enjoy your jacket :)
    samee said...
    woah woah woah woah WOOOOAAAHHH
    i seriously laughed out loud, big time,
    great post ren! i'm going to walk up to the newsagent now.. op shop and frankie for cloudy saturday morning, mmm. cant wait to see you dearest x

    oh and ps how great is 'like i give a frock' - love iiiittt
    chelsea jade said...
    that is completely wonderful and i can't wait to read it when the issue hits NZ!

    i love new zealand in some ways, like the winter snow and driving through the national parks with my friends listening to sufjan stevens. heavenly!

    chelsea jade.
    Daydream Lily said...
    well done!!! did you get the jacket in the mail?? it looks the letter too :-)
    Jenaveve said...
    That's so incredibly wonderful to see your own words in frankie! Nice one.
    Pikaland said...
    I can find no better reason to want to be an astronaut too. ;)

    congrats dearie!

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