"I'm bringing lots of those
"paper websites"
that we call
on the 8 hour plane."

- Style Rookie; who would have thought kids could get any cooler.


  1. chelsea jade said...
    she is definitely one of the cool kids.

    i adore your blog may i say.
    Little Jane St said...
    Hi Renee Anne,

    So lovely to find your wonderful blog, work and store:)
    Thank you for finding me and leading me here! I will let you know when the heart garlands are up in store:)
    Matt said...
    Wonderful news!

    Ive sent countless emails to bodyboarding & snowboarding mags hoping to get this fame.
    It must be a good feeling! One day ill hopefully see a full page article on the 'Renee Anne' in a frankie mag!

    Well deserved.
    Take care.
    Love_Again said...
    A little off the topic of this blog entry, but....

    Checked out your illustrations at the BSG exhibition/ competition, and I can honestly say your submission was one of the most impressive. I hope you win an award. I wasn't too taken a'back by the other entries..there was a small handful of lovely works, and I tried (I really really did) to appreciate the merit of each work/ entry..but it wasn't of the quality I was hoping for. Anyway, I thought your drawins were excellent! ...so Good Luck!!

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