A Cosmic Connection

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Sorry readers of Ashlee's blog, I just had to post about it too! (OF COURSE!)

In less than a month's time, I will be having my first ever semi soloish art exhibition with the amazingly super talented Ashlee Maegan !!! (I think I am entitled the use of 3 exclamation marks for that statement!!! [and again] )

Basically I am super excited, but super franticly getting myself organised for the big event. If you haven't noticed the poster up there (!?), we are working towards a bit of a cosmic theme.

I love the idea of working towards something, especially with a theme, and especially when you have someone else working along with you. I mean, I do love the lonely world and life of the artist, but gosh I need that personal reinforcement. Pooling ideas and sharing thoughts, it is just so motivating.

So kids, its going to be good, and I expect all Sydney residents to be there.

A Cosmic Connection; 15th of July @ The Wall, World Bar, Sydney


  1. Unknown said...
    Hey Renee!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

    Good luck with the show, perhaps I could feature your work on my blog??

    Hollis xxx
    Rolfe Bautista said...
    very cool blog! I really like it and I look forward to much more :D
    Anonymous said...
    Is there a facebook event for this??

    - Tristan S :)
    renee anne said...
    Hi Tristan!

    Yes yes there is!


    Try that link for the link to the facebook...
    Otherwise I will FB you.

    Assuming this is the Tristan I think it is!! hahaha

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