it is about time...

It is about time I mentioned a favourite artist of mine that I found floating around etsy, deviant art and now the wonderful world of blogging. Basically she inspired me to create a blog myself.
Almost every blog I have looked at over the last few days has her featured... so I decided to join the trend and share the love.

You should most certainly buy some prints and gaze at her blog

catherine campbell

A beautiful photo of model Petra Nemcova inspired me to get drawing.
For this sketch I ran out of stonehenge so I used printing making paper, which is a lot softer and difficult to get dark tones with, even with a 9B graphite stick.
Once etsy finishes site maintenance, she will be up for sale in my shop.

Oh, and those interested in the original reference.

Prior to the two drawings I showed yesterday, I had draw a few other mini celebrity portraits which are also currently for sale and would love a new home to show off in.

See if you can guess who they are.

Take a moment to check out my shop for details.

Finding myself with some spare time, I spent this afternoon doing some fresh new drawings.
These are a apart of a series I have been working on for a little while, you can view and purchase the series in my shop.

My Very First Blog

Hello all.

I have decided to create a blog to track my artistic adventures.
and also to hopefully support my art shop I currently run.

Stay tuned while I get the hang of it all!

renee anne

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