again with the 'mini series'

Prior to the two drawings I showed yesterday, I had draw a few other mini celebrity portraits which are also currently for sale and would love a new home to show off in.

See if you can guess who they are.

Take a moment to check out my shop for details.


  1. Elizabeth Gwen Originals said...
    Hey there. I have set up my blog so that I get an email notification when someone leaves a comment. In the email there is a link I can click to see the comment(s) on that particualr post. Otherwise I have to just click on each one individually. Hopefully someone else may know a better way...
    Elizabeth Gwen Originals said...
    You're welcome :)
    I think the diary will be awesome! I did a page with a picture I took while we lived in California. I can't wait to see everyone's artwork. It is really a great idea! Plus all the contributors get the diary for I think $6 or $12 when it is complete. You should do a drawing! That would be so cool :)
    Talk to you later,
    w said...
    full of talent...

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