a day of illustrations

todays day of drawing resulting in these two illustrations. after spending much time in the internet artistic community i have been inspired and influenced to tried out different methods and approaches. i love working with graphite and watercolour and have in the past, but tried to work in a more "illustratie" way. full bodies. etc.

I am going to submit these to my redbubble account where you can check them out with my other drawings and buy cards and prints.

however, for those looking, do you think you would be interested in some fine art prints that would be signed as well. the redbubble organises all the printing and things for me so they are not actually signed and i wont actually see them. I am getting some fine art prints made at the moment of some other drawings and if they turn out nice would people be interested in these as well.

I would also sometime like to sell the originals... anyone interested?

thanks everyone! :D


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