in a blogging mood

i feel like doing an artistic feature! i have been doing a lot of internet browsing tonight and i just feel the need to share.


my charlie girl

and her gorgeous drawing Georgia
check out her blog, she sells prints and shares stories, you wont be disapointed.

kelly smith

and her gorgeous drawing Feathered
i recently bought a print from kelly and it is just beautiful
i cant wait to get it back from the framers and put it on my wall

and of course caitlin shearer

I cant get an image to work for her, but i highly suggest you check her out!

i just bought this print and it is on my wall a long side of an original by my folk lover. it looks lovely!!!!!!!

and there we have it, my little collection for this evening
stay tuned.


  1. The Time Is Now said...
    I've seen you on the Etsy forums several times, and been to your shop double that, and still every time i see your avatar I'm positive you're a friend of mine from school - the portrait you use looks EXACTLY, and I mean EXACTLY like her! It's uncanny! It's off topic, but I just had to say it already:)

    Anyways, wonderful blog, I'm bookmarking it ^_^
    Cathy said...
    Your art - and the art you have featured from other sellers - is amazing! I'm in awe of all your talents!!
    Kelly said...
    Awww thanks for featuring me lovely :) And Miss Bec Bec x

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