Monday Baking!

I do love the idea of baking. You know, the kitchen, the mixing, the cooking, the anticipation. I don't necessarily think I am any good at it, but I do like it. And I like to feed others. Today I felt the urge to have a little go at some recipes from frankies afternoon tea.

I did have an attempt at a little cake, but I think its best we just left that one there. (eek)

I also had an attempt at some sweet little nana biscuits. They were lots of fun to mix and make, my favourite part of the process, adding the little almond! Yum yum. We can speak of these, and they turned out to be rather lovely.

Cake and Cookie time anyone? What is your baking specialty?



  1. Jessie said...
    those biscuits look yummy! i love that frankie cookbook. i baked the cupcakes & made them a little special by popping a lindt ball in the centre! so so yum cos its kind of soft and gooey.mmmm maybe i will bake a batch now!
    oh and i love that goldfrapp album!
    katelynjane said...
    My specialty is apple pie. I have my own little touches and little secrets to make it yummy. And I make my own pastry. I love baking. My sister is the cook in the family and I'm the baker (:
    katelynjane said...
    Oh, and those cookies look so good! Good work!!
    Anonymous said...
    The carrot cake in that Frankie afternoon tea book is my specialty! There's even a photo of me and my mum at the back.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I love yours and can't wait to keep reading.
    /// said...
    Your blog is FANTASTIC!!! :)
    Jessie said...
    ooooo good to know someone has this love of paper! and yea for leeloo!is your work up soon? i'm getting some stuff selling soon too!! sooo exciting!
    Mercer's Daughter said...
    I love sweets much more than I love making them!
    I get hooked on stuff, like right now I'm hooked on a candy called Now and Laters....ever have one?
    Once for about 2 years I could not get enough M&M's.
    At least my compulsive disorder of brushing my teeth twelve times a day has come in handy! lolo!!
    jessica m. said...
    oh that is so lovely!
    Alfalfa Crafts said...
    Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to make the small cakes, from the Frankie book, with my preschool class - with chocolate in the middle. They look really easy so they should turn out okay whilst I'm distracted by sticky fingers and trying to count out the measurements with children. Another teacher wanted to just buy a premixed packet for the children, but what are they learning then?

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