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Yay, I am going to be apart of another exhibition at the lovely 696 (well i havent even been there yet, but i am hoping to one day!). Its an all girl show and I sent down my original drawings from the "She's No Wallflower" series. They are slightly different to the prints as the were digitally collaged, but I added some lovely material details, so they are very special.

It is exciting to have my work up on the wall along with the lovelies such as Ali J, My Charlie Girl, and Kelly Smith

So if you are in Melbourne, please, go along and check it out. This Friday, 7-9 pm! Sadly I wont be there, so could you please take a picture or two???


  1. My Charlie Girl said...
    awesome, you are in it too. i didnt know, i will have to add you to the list on my blog :) are you submitting an original? did you cut out stuff and stick it on? cause im thinking that is how i will have to compose my original.
    Honor said...
    Hey congrats! That's great. May I ask, how did you go about submitting your stuff to them? (I'm yet to do any exhibitions...)

    I got the wallpaper idea from a Flickr related site, Big Huge Labs. It was super easy to make.
    Unknown said...
    oooh Renee, I wish I could go to the opening, but I will be sitting in a Mexican restaurant sipping (skulling) margaritas! I will make sure I pop along, I hope it is on for a few more days after the opening.
    Sherie said...
    Congratulations Renee. You're a terrific artist, love your work and eloquent writing. Lovely lovely blog too.

    Australia will always have a special spot in our hearts, we got engaged there.

    Im so happy to have found your blog.
    Jessie said...
    thanks ... yeah i think i was a little tipsy when i did that one. thought why not get into the hens spirit haha!
    congrats on the exhibition! i would love to do something like that! i think i'm going too so if i get there i'll take some pics :)
    Honor said...
    Hey, did you know you're in an Etsy Treasury?!!! Yay!

    renee anne said...
    ohhh thanks so much for letting me know!
    i never check to see if im featured!
    much excitement!
    Unknown said...
    Well Renee, I think I might be able to pop along to the exhibition opening. I will make sure I get some pics for you and I will listen in to hear what people say about the artwork (as that is often the most important thing and I often hover around my own work just to see what people think, but as I'm at an opening and there is wine, I often forget what was actually said!)
    Unknown said...
    So I went, but thought it was at 6, and realised that I couldn't stay till 7 as I had a restaurant booked at 8! Anyway I saw some of your artwork in the shop, but didn't get to see the exhibition. I'm a dork!
    Anonymous said...
    I've asked my sister to get some photos too sweetheart!


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