I wonder if I am the only one???

.... who hadn't heard of N.E.E.T mag? I mean I think I had heard of it. But today was the first day I actually read it. And far out I am ten issues behind! What a lovely magazine, perfectually suited to my interests, and its all available right here online! From Lottie Frank to beautiful vintage finds, I dont know what I have been doing with my time.

And the advertisements. Not the kind that irritate you to the point where you wonder where the actual magazine is. The good kind. I mean there are a lot. But they are all promoting people like me, and you, wonderful little handmakers and sellers of things we all love. Its great. You can even click on them to go to the shop! Super I know. And even our favourite little Leeloo had a cute little add in there!

Well I think that is enough rambling on my behalf, I think its time you went and checked it out for yourself (and sorry to those who are already aware of its wonders.)



  1. Ali J said...
    ha ha ha you are so funny. :) I was in issue #14 as the featured artist. You should definitely send them an e-mail saying you'd love to be featured in an upcoming issue. I think I had a 6 page spread or something like that! xox
    Jessie said...
    your right this is very cool, and i hadn't seen it either so don't worry. also thanks so much for your comments, you were right they were a bit dull. i've taken new ones so hopefully they look a bit better now!

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