(originally to be titled: "the best week of my life",
but I thought you might think I was being wanky)

[image from frankie: Issue 31] (I have a bit of a thing for that part of the leg on chicks...)

"If you're gonna get paid a shit wage anyway,
you may as well be doing something you love."

- Jo's mate; Frankie: Issue 31 p. 11

right now I am finding it a little bit hard to focus on anything but being as excited as a hungry child in a lolly shop. a lot of pretty fricking sweet shit is going on. most of this I can't even "reveal" yet. but let me tell you, you will be pretty fricking excited yourself when all is made known.

this week gave me times where I felt like I was the luckiest person alive. times where I was blown away by people's generosity. times where I felt little shivers because of the nicest things people say. times that made me stop and realise that the most important things in life are not things, but just that very simple ability to stop and let be. we all are capable. we just need to let it go.

I was driving home last night and I put the window down, turned the music up real loud, squeezed up my shoulders and smiled.

I was reading frankie this morning and while reading page 11. (Jo, the Editors letter) I got a tear in my eye. what a mushy shit I am. but I seriously did. because it is all happening and I can't wait to tell you all.

oh ok, here is a snippet. the boyfriends
little teaser in the latest issue of Fashion Journal (93) .
he is doing such a super job, and I am very lucky to be sharing it with him



  1. Michelle said...
    so happy for you...
    I think i do that too...turn the music so loud it's insane...but it just does it!!!
    Your snipit link is not doing it's thing...
    can't wait to find out more...
    renee anne said...
    Michelle! Thank you so much for your super sweet comment!!

    Gah! And THANK you for alerting me about the link. I always try and check those.

    http://www.foreshore-dynamic.com is the link ;)

    Leeloo said...
    LOVE this post..... I can imagine you doing exactly that in your car! Can't wait to hear more updates! ;-)
    Bec said...
    Sounds exciting, I'm very happy for you!

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