woah! just received an email from my Aunty with these amazing pictures of chinese artist Liu Bolin. I seriously think I could just stare at these for hours, analysing every detail as to how he made this happen.

what I found even more interesting was the "story" on the artist's website that goes along with this body of work. allow me to share, from the artist;

"Are human beings animals? Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the color of the surroundings for self-protection... In order to survive, good concealment has become the most critical factor.Human beings are not animals! Because human beings do not know how to protect themselves.

"... The cost of the brilliant human civilization is that human beings almostly forget they are still animals, and forget their own instinct.

"... I choose to merge myself into the environment. Saying that I am disappeared in the environment, it would be better to say that the environment has licked me up and I can not choose active and passive relationship."

cool stuff hey? and now to marvel at the amazing work of Liu Bolin

[all images via here]


  1. Christa Owens said...
    oh this is awsome! have rally notice the guy, if i wasn't able to scroll it back up and look a littile more closely,
    SnOOp said...
    WOW!!! They are amazing! I love the shot of the guy who blends into the wall. It reminds me of shoots I use to style back in the late 90's

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    renee anne said...
    thank you both for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!! :)
    Chrissy Lau said...
    Hey Renee
    Absolutely love this - really like the last one. Thought you might be interested in this link http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/8034264.stm - student makes the car disappear with art hehe - clever isn't it?

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