I am not going to apologise ...

Happy Birthday Bro.

but I will say sorry. I know. Knock Knock. Hello?? Sorry I am here. But you know. You know how it is. With this. It is exciting, and I love it. But you know.

But I wanted to promise that I wouldn't forget about this blog. Because I like blogging here. It is fun. And it is nice to go back an read old posts.

Speaking of posts. Here is a new blog post over at the {twin set} blog. It is sweet and I think you wil like it. Let us know what you think.

My illustration for the day is a little card that I made for my brother. My brother is pretty awesome. He did all the website hard stuff for {twin set}, and we can't thank him enough. If you ever need a fancy web designer that can code AND design, he is your man. I will post his website when it puts it up very soon.

I bought some gorgeous new sketchbooks, and notebooks from NoteMaker and I love love love them. I am so organised now it is fantastic. I also got a new art diary.


- keep blogging here
- stay organised with my notebooks and lists
- keep using my digital calendar (synced to my iPhone of course)
- draw every day
- or more so, sketch every day
- if I want to buy something new, I must draw it first
- limit spending (hopefully previous point with help with this)
- not set myself demands and promises, or stick to the ones I do make....

(isn't this colour like totally awesome?)


  1. Katie Palmer said...
    I love that idea of drawing stuff before you buy it! More so to encourage drawing or not spending?
    Denise said...
    Hi Renee Anne,
    first, thanks a lot for your comment on my blog and make me happy just with that. But also thanks that I know now the excisting of your little friendly world! I love it! And I love your 'I WILL' list! Thanks & thanks, Denise
    renee anne said...
    Katie: I think it is more to encourage no spending :| naughty me. I think it is helping!!

    Denise: Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment, it really has made me smile :)

    Chrissy Lau said...
    Hello Renee

    I like your idea of having to draw something before you buy it...that sounds like a god side project! Maybe I should start syncing my calendar to my iphone too- I have endless little pieces of paper in my bag with to-do lists on them.

    Loving twinset aswell- website looks fab!

    Sophie Munns said...
    Hello there Renee...you are the most amazing ball of energy I think!

    Twin set is great..and very well put together I must say! all your projects seem to be going along really well...congrats!
    best wishes,
    Matt said...
    Hey Renee, i havnt been on your blog in awhile! but thanks for the mention!

    I still have the drawing up in my room! definatly love waking up and looking directly at it as its infront of my bed, when i see the blue and white in the shape of the mountian all i think about is going snowboarding!

    Good way to wake up each day haha.

    cheers sis.
    Matt said...
    Oh, and what led me here was i was doing some reviews of the sites on the server and was looking at the coding on your personal website, to be honest it wasnt a good job because back then i was still learning lol, i also discovered the lightbox was not working, not to worry, all fixed now :) Foreshore coding is underway.

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