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sophie on tuesday
[image by dom.odonnell]

well, remember when I posted about my new knife? turns out it is absolutely fricken amazing. will someone please tell me what I was thinking trying to cut with anything but the global chef's knife.

so anyway, I love pumpkin. I love it. but I have been avoiding it because I hate cutting it. well, never fear! the global chef's knife is here!! this evening, I dived head first into the kitchen after work. I started off by baking these. I was a little nervous at first, because I can be a bit hit and miss in the baking department. apparently they turned out good! I am yet to try one because I made myself sick nibbling while cooking! tut tut. but I am taking them to work tomorrow to help lift some sad spirits.

[image from Joy the Baker : here]

while I had the peanut butter out, I thought I should be loving and make some work snacks for the boyfriend. these amazing peanut snack bars from my all time favourite 101 cookbooks have to be my most cooked (treatish) item. I have modified the recipe a fair bit over the months, using honey, adding different nuts and seeds etc, but use her recipe to start and go from there. Seriously, they are such an awesome snack, and it beats overly processed muesli bars!

[drawing by Louise001]

gosh, when am I going to get to the knife!! well after all this was cleaned up, I got into my pumpkin. I found this recipe, but didn't have maple syrup, so I just went for honey (my favourite food anyway) instead. I have never cooked whole chicken breast before, so that was a bit nerve racking, but turned out it was really yummy! the whole salad is really easy to make, and a great mid week meal. I won't post the recipe, but you can find it here. I find to be a great website when you are not sure what to cook, for example tonight I had chicken and pumpkin, so I just entered those words in the search, and found this great recipe! I am sure google would work too, but can be a bit hit and miss.

so there you have it. finally some more food related posts on my semi foodie (newbie) blog. have you cooked these recipes before? what have you been cooking this week?

morning after
[image from simple tess]

p.s. I just took a bite of the cookie. A.MAZING!


  1. Chrissy Lau said...
    There's nothing more annoying than a blunt knife is there? Luckily I acquired a knife sharpener so now my knives are like new- no more squishing tomatoes when I try to cut them :-)

    I'll have to try those recipes out they look so tasty...I made 2 quiches in one day on saturday. They were so tasty!

    Little Jane St said...
    Oh how exciting you will be in Brisbane this weekend! I look forward to meeting you, maybe we could catch up for a drink or something when we are not manning our stalls!

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