friends. readers. others. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Foreshore Dynamic is. finally. live.

I mean can you believe it? We have been working on this all year. It is just so so so so so so so wonderful to finally see it all coming together. The hilarious thing is, that despite organised spreadsheets, whiteboards, calendars (or should I say iCalenders), deadlines and meetings, we are still launching a wee bit late and we still stayed up to 2 AM LAST NIGHT TO FINISH EVERYTHING.

Ok admittedly, I was fussing over things like 1 pixel alignement and things ever so small a fine tooth comb wouldn't even pick up. But I just can't help myself. The website was amazingly designed and coded by my little bro, and he really really has out done himself (a seriously huge thanks to you bro). The amount of time and effort he has put in for us, well it is just amazing really. We are just so so so blessed to have such a talented little web man in the family! That said, I (and even James!) had a bit of a play around with the code and I am slowly but surely getting more confident with my CSSHTMLDIV<*::;;>*& thingos.

Anyway, if you are a new reader, you may have no idea what I am talking about. Basically my boyfriend has just (re)launched his online tee shop, which has been the result of many many many many many months of hard work. So, it would be SUPER AWESOME if you can go check it out. [also, if you notice anything alarmingly wrong with anything, please let us know as we are still teething!]


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