Melbourne Trip 09.

take me back. please.
hardware st.
brunswick st.
jumping in windows.
tram rides.
friendly people.
online meets.
pleasant retail.
tasty simple.
all the ladies.
together and fun.
hello melbourne.
I won't stay away






  1. Jessie said...
    glad you had such a great time! it is a lovely city and i don't think i could live anywhere else now. maybe new york. anyway where are those amazing chocolate delights from because i want to get there stat!
    Nicole Tattersall said...
    What gorgeous pictures. I love the fact that the street art your in front of is by Melbourne artist 6-1 who was one of the first people that encouraged me with my art works.
    Bec Winnel said...
    Great photos! ...I recognize that window you are in, think it's in Bourke Street... seen it the other day and thought it was cool! Glad you had fun! Hope you come back :)
    Unknown said...
    I am so freakin excited. I fly down omorrow for 6 days. Then I move there in January!

    Love love love your photos.

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