[the stunning poster by the lovely Tabitha Emma]

well, I have a feeling the Once Upon exhibition is no secret within the online artist community! If you haven't heard about it (and you are Australian) then what are you doing?!?! Rush over to the Once Upon website and check out what all the fuss is about. If you are not Australian, go check it out anyway, because there is lots of pretty loveliness to see, and much much more to come.

as much as I love talking about the show, instead of trying to explain it to you, it is probably best you go and read the wonderful words by Angela, because she does a much better job at explaining than I do. you may, or may not be aware however, that the renee she speaks of is actually me! wow what do you know!

so yes, my partner in crime (Angela) and I have actually teamed up again for the show. organising an exhibition of such size, and one that is shaping up to be quite the event is actually really changeling, in a good way. It is funny though, because my "real world" peeps don't really get just how much work we are doing and how much this actually means to the "online peeps". if I try and talk about some exciting new development (like for example that Frankie are the exhibitions main partner!!!#T^#@#$@!!!$%!) (or actually, the fact that the exhibition is ACTUALLY IN the latest issue of Frankie) I get a look that says "ok, Renee that's great" or "Frankie? who is that?" *pats me on the head and rolls eyes*.

so thank you so so so much for all your enthusiasm, because without it,
well let's just say it is what motivates us to keep on going!!!
a lot of artists have been showing sneak peeks, so I guess I better show mine. I have been on a pretty sweet "journey" with these four little works, starting, then starting again, then hating it, then loving it. I think a lot of the artists have found the size and theme specs to be a huge challenge, again in a good way! I think the best/hardest thing for me is that it all makes me a bit confused. I start going down one path with my art, love it, but then change, and I never seem to keep consistent. maybe it is my self diagnosed ADHD or something. who knows. anyway, after I have completed my works for the show I am thinking of setting myself some sort of artistic challenge. maybe something like this. but not has hard core. maybe I need to limit myself to do something over and over until I decide what feels right.

these are feeling good for now. we will see. and you will too when you come along to the OPENING NIGHT OF ONCE UPON!! WOOOPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[my sneak peek : oh can you guess my Fairy Tale?]

Frick. That is way too much typing for my liking.
(any typos? ha)


  1. Daydream Lily said...
    oo is it the little mermaid?
    renee anne said...
    it sure is!! ;)
    Dawn Tan said...
    Beautiful!!!!! I could tell it was little mermaid too! : ) Nice! I was just wondering the other day who got to draw little mermaid? Hahaha...oh and you are super ace for mentioning my blog twice! Hahaha
    renee anne said...
    oh thank you sweet!!

    hehe. yes, she is great, although proved harder than I thought!!
    and you are welcome. your blog is just super. xxxx
    Rebecca Murphy said...
    lovely! can't wait to see it!
    rejenerate said...
    Oooooh Renee - I CAN'T WAIT to see the finished product...it looks amazing so far! Well done lovely xx

    PS The Little Mermaid is definitely my fave fairytale :)
    renee anne said...
    Thanks Rebecca!!

    oh!! thank you my darling Jen!!
    I am so so so nervous about it, so the warm words are really making me smile!!

    Renee xx
    Melody Sage said...
    Lovely work! I am sure your show will be smashing. I love the original version of the fairytale, so poignant.
    renee anne said...
    oh Melody, thank you so much! So sweet of you.

    and yes, the original is great. in fact the originals for most of them are rather internesting, considering that thanks to a suppose you could say a case of chinese whispers, the meanings are often lost!

    Renee x
    Jessie said...
    looks gorgeous hun! and we all totally appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing! can't wait to see the other works xx
    test said...
    i really liked this blog is so full of inspiring images.


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