my finders recap.

[me and the lovely Angela, fighting back the crowds :: photo by Mark Lobo ]

[courtney brims]

welcome home!
gosh did I even post that I was going to Brisbane? well I did! I am home now. Many of the Australian internet peeps will no doubt have heard of the Finders Keepers markets?! They are a super amazing market, that have prevously been held in Sydney (every 6 months or so). Last weekend however, they made the big trip up to Brissie, and brought the super market magic to the lovely sweet lovely people of Brisbane!!

I had my Leeloo hat on for the entire weekend which was just fantastic, and for those of you who went, I was one of the tired, sweaty, exhausted, happy, excited and hopefully friendly ladies standing behind the gorgeous Leeloo stall! It was a big task to get all the pretty Leeloo things up to Brisbane, then get ourselves up there, then set everything up and still keep our spirits up for the nine hours to follow as the people just constantly poured in (and all again the following day!)But I think we did ok.

[little jane st]

The adrenelin was pumping at the time, and while I felt tired, I never once felt sad. The smiling faces, the sweet comments, the happy people, the kind words, the inspiration, the community element all made the whole experience more than worthwhile. Plus, I got to meet so many online "buddies", and in the 4.3 minutes I had spare, got to do a little bit of shopping!

[chi designs]

I am just going to do a bit of a shout out to some of the peeps I met, bought from, spoke to, smiled at, or whatevers. If I have left you off, I am so sorry. Slap me and I will fix that right up!

blossom creations :: bespoke letterpress :: chi designs :: courtney brims :: electric boy :: elodi magazine :: frankie magazine :: girl made this :: kim wallace :: kindling :: little jane st :: lola & bailey :: neu creative :: and the rest of the wonderful stallholders at the markets ::

[blossom creations]

for those of you who were not there, or ran out of cash be sure to check out the stallholder directory, because lots of the talented peeps sell online!

and of course, keep your diarys marked for the next Sydney markets, which are going to be held on the 4th and 5th of December, at the CarriageWorks in Sydney’s Inner West. I am also so very excited to share that my talented boyfriend was acceped as a stallholder for these markets, and so Foreshore Dynamic will be there to enjoy all of the excitement! Yipee!

[neu creative]

so, that was my market experience (in a very small nutshell), be sure it let me know if you said hi to me, or visited the Leeloo stall. also, share with me your finder keepers posts, I love to see and hear things from a different angle to my own ;)

[the well deserved breakfast, post market experience]

all images, unless otherwise stated, were from the Finders Keepers website.


  1. Ms Unreliable said...
    I'm so cranky I missed it! I went up there on a mission, and it all came undone with one nasty little stomach bug :(

    I WILL go to Sydney FK, rain, hail or shine!
    Leeloo said...
    Your breakfast looks so healthy. Mine however looks a little more indulgent! Lovely recap darling - I still haven't blogged as I'm still trying to catch up on the workload! Video soon though!
    Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...
    so lovely to meet you... and your breakfast looks divine, and so well deserved!!!
    Alex Louisa said...
    I said hi :) But I was too shy to randomly introduce myself, as always! Silly me. I did like your Leeloo stall though.

    I hope the Finders Keepers come to Bris again next year, and hopefully by then I'll be organised enough to apply to be a stallholder! That, or I might just make the trip to Syd or Melb - might be more fun!
    maddy said...
    oh my! i did i did!! i'm so sorry! i didn't know it was actually you two there!! how silly of me, i must say i'm quite embarrassed!! i would have said a super big hello and given you both hugs if i knew!!! but i shall see you in a week!

    xxx maddy

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