Once Upon :: The Little Mermaid

Utopian Underworld
As she reaches out for a real mans love
He clapped his hands and he said DANCE
And all her love just turned to dust, to dust
[my four pieces, based on the fairy tale :: the little mermaid ]
available for purchase here

wow. what a night. the Once Upon opening night was just such super tiring amazing fun, and the only thing that makes me sad is that I didn't get to talk to everyone! so many people came and I am still so so so blown away. gosh.

a huge thank you to all the amazing artists. I once again won't go into the details here, and just redirect you to our wonderful website. I am seriously going to bed now because I have to be up early again tomorrow for our final day in the gallery. Angela and I will definitely be sad when we pack it all up tomorrow. We kind of feel like we work there now and it has been pretty nice sitting together, chatting, interneting, showing off all the amazing art to the lovely visitors and working a little bit too ;)

I thought it was about time I shared with you my 4 artworks for the show. I was pretty happy with them and really did work super hard on them. It was a little scary being up there with some of my favourite artists, and pretty daunting when we were opening up all the artworks. But anyway, must remain confident and happy with my results all the same!

If you haven't been able to make it in to see the show, we have put all the works up on the website. If you see something you like (and it hasn't sold!) then you can also purchase them online through us. Sound like fun?

I am definitely inspired to keep on art making, and once again, a huge thank you to all the artists who joined us in celebrating Leeloo's 2nd Birthday! Yipeee!!!!!!!! A huge well done and thank you to Angela, who without, I would not have been able to curate and co-ordinate an ENTIRE EXHIBITION!

If you are doing nothing tomorrow, pop by. Would love to see you.



  1. Kelly said...
    Ohhh they look great Renee! LOVE the first one.
    So glad that it went well - wish I could see it in person. Congrats! x
    Unknown said...
    How beautiful! So pretty yet foreboding as well.

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