weheartit // but I don't get it.

well, I always thought that the website weheartit was only accessable via invitation only or something like that. however, the other day I just gave in and went on over to suss it all out. because lots and lots of blogs theses days are referencing this website for their images.

well, turns out it is a prettier version of sites like "digg" etc except it is just images. and pretty images too. this excited me very much, because I love looking at pretty images and I like collecting them for our {twin set} blog.

however, I became a little sad when I realised the tangled-web state that the site is in. I always reference the original source for my images, and if I find the image on a blog that references an image I use, then I always include [image VIA here] for example. well, weheartit makes this a little tricky. because even if the orignial source is linked in the "entry" when I click through, it is often just a blogger who has used the image in a pretty post, and they may not have even referenced the actual image source! see my confusion?

so when I see people saying "source :: weheartit" now I start to wonder. because that isn't the true source. the person who took the photo didn't submit it to weheartit, someone else did. so who gets the credit!!

GAH!!!! my other issue, what happens when I want to use an image I found on weheartit in a post. who am I supposed to credit. the original, the "hearter"?

maybe I will just stick with flickr.


  1. tabitha said...
    it annoys me too, especially if i find something i really like, because I hate not being able to reference an image, or if i want to see more work by the same person, i cant, which is sad. sometimes if you dig u can find the author but it makes me sad when u just get directed from one blog to another. it is also unfair to the artist, as they are losing exposure they could have had, and their work is not being properly referenced
    Unknown said...
    I agree. I would never add anything to my blog unless I could source it properly. Someone who just hearts it shouldn't get the credit.
    renee anne said...
    tabitha:: yup, so I am not the only one!! I think a lot of people lose out with this... hmmmm.. but still lots of pretty things :(

    Mishy Lane :: and yes, I am the same. what actually annoys me is when people post images and then say "don't know the source". I figure you just shouldn't post it.
    Bec Winnel said...
    Yep, SOOO many of these image type sites do that, it's more of a tracking system, like who blogged it then you gotta go see if the blogger referenced where it came from etc and some people don't bother.

    Thanks for the post, it reinforces to me the issue of watermarking my images and why it is SO important to have your name on ALL images on the net, cause you so can't rely on sites or people to credit you each and every time hey!?!


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