fridays I am usually feeling pretty good. I do yoga on Thursday nights, and so I always wake up with a fresh and new outlook on things. things tend to look, feel and smell better. which I think must be a good thing.

this morning during my morning routine, I was reading my most recent purchase :: the latest issue of Inside Out magazine, the CHRISTMAS issue. I have already been secretly planning my christmas decorations, and doing a bit of present shopping, and so I love it when the retail and media world can confirm with me that this is ok, by decorating and publishing gift guides and christmas themed issues.

so today, my fave fab friday find, is going to be pages 15 and 16 from this latest CHRISTMAS 09 issue from Inside Out. as you know, I am a hard core handmade, indie, local, nice things shopper, and I am just loving that these "bigger" mags are jumping on board this "trend" for want of a better word. from what I can tell, they are recommending us gorgeous things, which are mostly handmade, locally made, unique, eco-friendly or just generally pretty special.

I thought I would try and itemise and link to everything on these pages, for my own reference (because I was going to be adding them to my favourites anyway) and of course for your own!

you can click on the image and be taken to my flickr page, from there I have made notes which include links to all the things featured on the page! cool huh! does that make sense? otherwise, I have included the "stockist list" here too.


thank you Inside Out, for not only being gorgeous to look at, but for giving links to even more amazing (Australian) stores and pretty sweet things. just when you thought you had seen it all hey! well done!! make sure you check out their blog, if like me, the monthly fix is not enough!

don't forget, to click here and here to see my itemised page :: links and notes galore!! happy shopping.


  1. Kirsty said...
    Now you've made me soooo jealous. I tried to get a copy of this from my local newsagent yesterday and it wasn't there yet. We're going hunting today - pronto!!
    Nicole Tattersall said...
    Lovin' the O-check gift tags... well I love almost everything from their stationery range. When emptying put my book case I cam across a book about making Christmas decorations, think I may make make some of my own this year!

    Jordan Clarke said...
    Oh man, I got totally spastic DIY at xmas. I make a tree out of something random, one year I made a wreath for the front door using a white feather boa (snow-white angel cool), and occasionally make xmas biscuits. And of course going crazy with brown paper and colourful ribbons wrapping gifts.
    I heartily agree with you - these magazines are the awesome!
    Kelly said...
    Eek i'm obsessed with home interior mags.
    I bought this the other day too...I think i'm impatient for Christmas to arrive.
    Can't wait to deck my halls!
    Alex Louisa said...
    I bought this issue this morning, but still haven't flicked through it! I won't let myself until I've finished my weekend's list of art tasks. That's the plan anyway...

    But I'm like Kelly - obsessed with home interior mags. I like your run-down on the issue! That tea towel is MADE for me.

    Oh, that's it. I'm off to read it. Just for a bit!
    test said...
    can't wait for x-mas to come!!

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