finally... melbourne here I come!

[arthur's circus - on my "must see" list - image via here]

this friday I am making my way down to Melbourne. finally. you don't understand how long I have been waiting to visit Melbourne. oh, right, MY WHOLE LIFE!

the problem is, I am only going for the weekend, and I just know this is going to be a problem. why? because there are about eight hundred things and places I want to do and see!

oh well, I will just make sure it wont be my last trip! any suggestions peeps!!???


  1. Dawn Tan said...
    Coool beans youre coming to Melbourne! : ) Brunswick street, Getrude Street, Degraves Street, these are a few of my favourite streets! :D
    Jessie said...
    hmm so many places so little time! but gertrude street + the carlton gardens are lovely. and you can't really go to melbourne without going crazy for some coffee - go to degraves street and while your in north melbourne go to fandango in errol street (just up from arthur's circus cos it has the YUMMIEST food. hope you have fun!
    Unknown said...
    Rose St on Saturday if you want to meet Hollie (from Hokey) and I, and Sunday if you want to meet Gareth. Although I might come in in the arvo.

    Not sure what else, hopefully the weather is going to be okay!
    renee anne said...
    thank you Melbourne favourite online friends!!!

    :) so helpful!!!!!

    And anna, you BETTER be there!! hehe.
    bec winnel said...
    Awesome sauce !!!!

    Hmmm, what would be my picks for visiting Melbourne? Um....

    Gorker Gallery and 696 ... and Lamington Drive of course. Might see you there!

    Magnation, The Babushka Doll shop in Bourke Street Mall, all the markets, oh I could keep going, but I'm sure you already have enough on your list!

    Hope you have a really good time!

    bec said...
    PS. PACK . WARM . CLOTHES! Scafe and jacket particularly!
    Little Jane St said...
    I hope you had a great time! Melbourne is such a great place, I wish I could pop down more often too:)

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