drawings by Ashlee Maegan

Some things just need to be shared. One of my earlier days artistic friend Ashlee Maegan has kick started her super blog back up, and as been keeping herself busy with sweet little creations. I can't wait to see what she has been up to. I just love her dedication to large realistic works, and how she pushes them to that next step of coolness with colour and digital elements.

She recently took her creativeness even further and created a sweet looking zine, which she ever so kindly included me in!! Super! I cannot wait to see it. I think there might be still a few left, so enqurie over at Ashlee's blog.

We are actually both keen to get ourselves involved in some (or one!) group shows. I know I am desperate to get some of my drawings out and up there, so if you know of any shows that are calling for submissions in Melbourne or Sydney (or hey, even anywhere in the world! I do postage!), please be in touch because we would love to hear from you!!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Goodluck with finding some shows
    your friends graphite works
    are lovely and you both deserve
    your work to be in art galleries

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