Check out this supersweet offer from Daily Addict for my all time favourite online shop Leeloo (seller of all things wonderful and handmade from emerging Australian designers and artists).

Just enter coupon code DA@LEELOO during checkout to receive an exclusive 20% off any purchase before midnight Sunday 10 May 09. (sale items and postage excluded.)

20%, that is SUPER!

Better still, that means you can pick up my exclusive to Leeloo pocket mirrors for only $8! Cheap!

Plus there are loads of other sweet things to purchase, like the gorgeous bags from Rejenerate, and the super super cards from able and game

While you are there, be sure to check out the sweet new Leeloo blog too! So far it has been a great resource for me for all things creative.

Smell you later. And have a super weekend if I don't see you.

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  1. Kelly said...
    Thanks lovely!
    I know I feel so old school using them. Like had flashbacks to grade 2. I think it was actually a special treat to be allowed to use the gold and silver markers.
    My boy said they were pretty exy. Like $10 each!

    Ohhhh do try and come down to the show!! Will be great to meet you in person finally - and of course Bec and Liss will be there too :)

    Hope everythings going well with you?

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