sometimes I wonder

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Original collographs available for sale in my shop

sometimes I wonder if it is worth selling originals like these in my etsy shop.

I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about gallery vs online, what is better, pros and cons etc (and this dialogue video from design for mankind was particularly relevant to my thoughts; go watch!)

My personal view is that online is probably better. From a generalist point of view. I mean wow. The amount of art I have been exposed to is just amazing. The resources, the networking, the people. It is just great.

But then again, the feeling I get after attending an exhibition. The buzz, the inspiration, the beauty of seeing something so magical in the flesh. Nothing really does beat it.

Being a bit of an internet/home hermit, I find it hard to pull myself out of the comfort of the known and venture out to exhibitions. And I think in Sydney, there is much less of that "culture". It seems Melbourne is a really supportive place for artists and that whole thing, where personally I find Sydney to be a bit snobby? (NO OFFENCE SYD!)

That said, I have never been to Melbourne, so what do I know!

So back to the point I guess I was trying to make. These original works of mine I think might be lost in the digital format. In "real life" they are huge, and they really "pop". There is so much texture and detail. Most of this is lost when we view it as a 1000 px image that is completely flat.

But then to have an exhibition is quite a big thing, unless someone wants to have you in their group show or what not. (yes, me please!) So online really does help fill that gap for me.

I think I shall leave them available online, and hopefully in the meantime an exhibition opportunity will prop itself up!


  1. Jenaveve said...
    Very thoughtful.

    I love seeing an artist's own description/impression of their work when I browse pieces online... like when you describe the 'pop' and the texture, it makes you take another look and notice the intent behind it (digital images can easily take that away in all their flatness).

    Fingers crossed for open doors.
    Jessie Cacciola said...
    i think online is a great avenue to getting your work out there (and it makes it a lot easier), but if you are trying to get in the "real world" galleries, it might be better to save major original works for them. I'm not an artist, but I have been pretty torn about this subject.

    good luck either way! your work is great!
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