there has been

too much sadness in me to think of pretty sweet things to write. I feel I have been neglectful, but I feel I needed to be. Do you ever get to a point where you think you might be addicted to your laptop?

I have been opening up my senses and doing some outsite sketchings. Well these were drawn from photos, but the drawing did take place outside.



It was starting to get cold while I was drawing, but then I remembered when I was here (photos). In Wanaka, New Zealand. It was probably 2 or 3 Degrees, it was freezing cold. I had thermals under those pants and about 15 layers under my jumper.


But we still spent probably a good half hour maybe longer taking lots of pretty photos and just starting into the mountains (I must admit, I did get a little impatient and my boyfriend had to tell me to "just relax!").


I can't decide if these are finished or not. I like their simplicity. I like them side by side. I like that drawing them took be back to that place. I think I need to remember those times of peace right now.


  1. Matt said...
    nice drawings! I cant wait for my NZ trip next year
    Ashlee said...
    hope you feel better.

    doing something creative (like your drawings) always helps.
    Jessie said...
    hope you feel better. i feel a bit odd at the moment too. your drawings are lovely as they are think, reminded me why i need to keep saving so i can go see some beautiful places too
    Unknown said...
    they are great ... and I so need to get back to NZ for a visit it's sooo pretty there
    natasha said...
    Oh your work is just lovely :)

    Wanaka is such a beautiful place! It was a tiny bit warmer when I was there (though not much!).
    Michael S. said...
    Great drawings. I love the simplicity. Keep it up :)

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