gosh it is actually afternoon!

wow. This is something that really does get me excited. I have a website. My very own website. Designed by me, and fantastically coded by my little bro.

But in all seriousness, this is so sweet. I mean I have a website!

Oh, so what does that mean for you? Well if you don't mind sparing a couple of seconds, I would love for you do go have quick peek. Or a long gaze. I don't mind.

Also want to give a HUGE thanks to my bro for helping me with this one. I have wanted a website FOREVER, and he made it happen so, sweet. Thanks bro. Check out his Deviant Art. He has skills. He does.


  1. Honor said...
    Very cool. What a handy brother you have. I particularly liked that you had not one but four links to your site in your post! Nice work. : )
    Matt said...
    haha thankhs for the mention sis!
    great design
    Kyriake said...
    Your website is beautiful! As is your artwork ;)
    denise said...
    Very nice website!

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