I have figured out that I tend to get really excited about and idea, throw myself totally into it, but never manage my time properly or really follow it through to completion. I have sooooo many little craft supplies and bits and pieces of things I have started and just never finished. It is annoying really.

That is why it is just totally normal that I am going to open up another etsy shop! Huwhahh? I hear you say. I hardly spend time on my current shop these days let alone starting something new!

Never fear. My time management skills have improvemented. And I am going to do this properly! Wee little art4friends will still be pottering around as is. And I most certainly be keeping up with this little bloggette. But soon I will be introducing you to a little treasure chest of vintage and sweet finds. All to share with you.

But this time I wont rush and try and open it right away.

So I am currently in the development stage. And then soon someday oneday I shall have a little opening of sorts.

Who knows, it could be later this afternoon! (Jokes)

Images are just to get your thoughts provoked. Photographer: Me


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