like a hole in the head

thanks Frankie for the link to this fantastic site called supermarket. I think my head is close to exploding from all the stuff I want to purchase.

While I believe the site is American,
they do stock some amazing
things from amazing Australians,
such as the above mobile by Pukapuka mobiles
(doesn't the picture look like it could
be an amazing painting or something
- gosh can I say amazing anymore times!)


  1. Nina said...
    Hi Renee Ann, glad you like the mobiles!There are some beautiful goodies on supermarket, best not to have the credit card too close!
    Daydream Lily said...
    oooooooo so much good stuff on this site, thanks for the link!!!
    Katie Palmer said...
    Oh boy, thanks for adding to my ever-growing Christmas wishlist. lol
    Katie Palmer said...
    Yes, too much talent!!

    And I was shocked to say the least. Perhaps you'll win this week. ;)

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