Happy Birthday Nanna.

My beautiful Nanna turns 70 today. I think this is pretty amazing.
I wish I had a photo of her to share. I have so many. But they are on my old computer.
(Or in her photo albums). Whenever I visit her I always go through her photo albums. It doesn't matter how many times I look I always see something new.

The photos I have shared are of my mum. She was returning home after a cruise. She was coming back from the world of holidays to her 'real life' and I just love this moment that has been captured. I can almost feel what she is thinking. Yet this moment happened before I was even a twinkle in her eye.

The poem below is one my Nan wrote. For me. She created a book for me which she gave me on my 18th birthday. One verse was written every year. And she teamed the words on the page with photos and collected keepsakes.

I really must remember how special my Nan and Mum are in my life and make sure I appreciate it.

For Renee
(written by my Nan)

Tiny baby in the cradle, so little do you know
How we all will love and watch you, wait for your to grow.

The first twelve months have moulded you, and sent you on your way,
To fill our hearts with gentle joy, and light each dawning day.

A second birthday celebrates another learning year
And every day in every way, you only grow more dear.

But now your brother has arrived, a playmate just for you,
A son for Mummy and for Dad, will now complete the crew.

A four year old that’s growing fast, a brother that is too
The dummy and the nappies gone, the pre-school waits for you.

Now five you are and oh so smart, at pre-school settled in
A challenge in your early life – you meet it with a grin.

At six years old you now attend a kindergarten new
Your missing tooth cannot effect the pride that shines from you.

Your spirit and your energy are wondrous to behold.
Through you I learn it all anew and watch your life unfold.

With changes all around us now, we face them as we can
To learn and grow, this should be so, and follow nature’s plan.

At school your ease of learning and your training starts to show,
Committing to yourself each day, beginnings that will grow.

You now have reached the age of ten, and so grown up it seems
Deep lies within a hidden well, the essence of your dreams.

With ‘deer like’ eyes and long brown hair, and legs that ever grow,
To sing and dance with attitude is what you want to show.

This year will be a turning point, as high school looms in view
Behind we leave the little girl as teenage waits for you.

Aged thirteen now and growing fast, you have become a star
First year high school, first place in year, we know you will go far.

Your excellence is shining through in many different ways
Achieving what you grasp to reach, we quietly sing your praise.

A fledging bird will try its wings, (I sense it now in you)
And so aware as my heart sings, a dream that’s coming true.

To start out as a lovely flower, with beauty unrevealed
Until one day, all in God’s time, her promise is unsealed.

My story ends as yours begins, a story that is true
So every step that you will take, now, Nee, is up to you.

Little baby in the cradle, you are an adult now
Your hopes and dreams have grown with you, so baby take a bow!


  1. muchlove said...
    oh wow, that poem is incredibly sweet and touching! The fact that each verse was written every year until you turned 18 makes it even more special. You are very lucky indeed to have your Nan.
    Jessie said...
    aww renee i seriously feel all teary now! your nan is a star and that is one of the sweetest things i have ever read. hope she has a lovely birthday too!
    Leeloo said...
    Big tears happening here..... What a special lady (that goes for you too of course!)...xxoo
    renee anne said...
    oh thank you everyone for you sweet sweet comments. I hope you are all ok hehe.

    But yep, she is pretty special. xxxx

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