Midnight Youth.




Last night I had a bit of a fantastic evening at the Annandale seeing and supporting my boyfriends old school friends band.

Midnight Youth are from New Zealand, and are rather famous over there. Now they are having a go here in Australia, and I seriously think they are amazing. One of the best live bands I have seen in a long time.

Check them out, it wont make you sad, in fact it will make you very happy. (They have an album due out in October {or out now on iTunes})

The iPhone photos are fantastic arn't they (ha!). My boyfriend was that impressed he has followed them to their show tonight in Wollongong! Dedication!

Midnight Youth - All On Our Own from Midnight Youth on Vimeo.

The lead singers voice is just as fantastic live. Hell, better even.

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  1. marelle said...
    shit! the photos are great....for a phone!

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