if my macbook had lips....

well I was all set up on my boyfriends laptop, about to write a blog post titled "#TECHNOLOGYFAIL", because for the last hour my laptop has not been working.

but it suddenly is now, so all is fine. I don't know how it happened, but it is not up to me to question the almighty mac.

instead, I shall blog about something more visually exciting. the beginnings of a new series I am working on. working title shall be.... "chemical cocktail". but that will probably change.

so here we are.




pen on recycled cardboard.

and thank you to a lovely flickr person - (who actually turns out to be rebecca murphy![sweet artist!] for passing on this hilariously relevant (and not to mention cute) clip.


  1. Michelle said...
    oh great work...
    Does make me laugh...
    oh and you just have to love a mac...
    Sophie Munns said...
    love the "chemical cocktail" works... they so fully deserve this treatment...and your quirky presentations is perfect Renee-Anne!
    great blog and stuff you find!

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