High Five for the Top Five

I read, oh I don't know, maybe 100 blog posts a day. and that is just the ones from my reader.
Usually those posts result in my clicking through to more posts and more posts and then I have to get out my wetsuit because I get up to some crazy internet surfing. I love internet surfing.

sometimes, I think it is nice to say thanks for all those posts. To someone at least.
so these are my top five blog posts of the week. if you are not here, you are still top too.

one [and every link it refers to]
two [because I wish I did this]
three [ahhhhhh heaven]
four [not only is she an amazing artist...]
five [I love anything to do with artist studios]

oh, right. and that is in no particular order folks!
you can do a post like this too if you like? share the love.

OH! Is it too late to add a sixth?
[Danni makes me so so so happy {but so jealous} at the same time ;)]


  1. Lucy said...
    Thankyou thankyou so much for the link Renee :) u made my day! Thanks so much also for reading and commenting on my site so often! You're a treasure :) xx
    denise said...
    You are sweet! Thank you!

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