my boyfriend in a magazine!!

and he is kind enough to mention me also!

he has been developing his little clothing label for a bout six months now, about as long as i have been developing my little art4friends creations. through the wonderful world of myspace is was asked if he wanted to have an interview done for an online mag! may not seem big to some, but i was very excited by this.

it actually turned out really great with pictures of our models and everything, so you should definitely have a look at the article. it is generally a great mag.

check it!
just click on the link to fashion and then click
foreshore clothing

Foreshore Dynamic features in this months edition of DirrtyGlam.


  1. shelbi said...
    that is so cool! congrats!
    shelbi said...
    thanks for the info on mindt, i would love to hear your experiences there. i have heard good things.
    Nicole said...
    congratulations to both of you! how fun!
    designsbynana said...
    That's awesome!!!congrats to both of you in your accomplishments!!!!!

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