a crack at ebay

Here are a few of the little vintage items I am hoping to sell on ebay. I dug them out of the garage the other day, after they have been hiding there for many years, and to my surprise they were in perfect condition! After I gave them a good clean I was amazed at hour good they came up, Ill actually be sad to get rid of them. But I just dont think they can handle being stuffed in the boxes any longer. here are all the items I have listed at the moment! I spent a lot of time making them look all pretty! (im very fussy with my formatting hehe) so have a look, and maybe even a bid!! click click for vintage treasures!


  1. Bonny (Bonny Jewelry) said...
    Good luck with your auctions! I also have a TON of items that I'd like to ebay - now I've just got to find the time to take photos and list them (much like my etsy shop!)
    Sugarloaf said...
    cute stuff! Hope you'll be able to sell them all.

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