Renovation Rescue

I finally finally finally finished cleaning up my room. This has been a marathon effort that has involved many days of hard sweaty work, many many trips to the rubbish bin (I cannot believe how much junk and rubbish a small bedroom can hold. Marry Poppins!) I think I can finally say that my room has nothing left but clothes and a place to sleep. Hehe. But it is rewarding to finally have it looking nice, its just a matter of how long it will stay that way....

lets aim for forever


  1. jade monique said...
    i need to figure out how to send private messages to you on this!! (as facebook/myspace are blocked)

    i am working in botany, in an office. i won't say where cos there are probably creepy stalkers reading your blog. cos all the creepy stalker types are totally into art n pretty things. haha. i'm not paranoid i swear!
    Daydream Lily said...
    my room is so so so messy!! I been trying to clean it a tiny bit at a time.

    you room looks lovely, and i love your art !

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