Wholesale and Consignment Goals.

After some much helpful advice from such a lovely fellow illustrator Ali J I have decided its time to set my self some goals. What am I hoping to achieve as an illustrator over the next year? While I love selling on etsy, and hopefully I can do more of that over this year (and try and introduce some new and exciting things into my little shop.) I would love to have some more places, real world places stock my work. Well actually, not even real world places, internety places are good too, but anyway, you get my drift. There might be some excitement in this department to be revealed at a later date, however I still aim to have my worked stocked in a selection of, lets say 5 different places by the end of the year! Currently the lovely folks over at Gallery696 are doing wonderful things with selling my creations, but this has given me a taste for more!

All just thinking out load really. But they say goal setting is important.

dont forget the button badge sale!

lots of love.


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