Over Inspired.

Do you ever get like that? Over inspired. I have so many ideas flowing at the moment, i dont know what is good, or what is rubbish. I guess I just have to spend less time worrying about it, more time creating!

Flickr has been one of those things, inspiring me and what not.


  1. amy said...
    oh my goodness!! thats me 24/7!! its really frustrating, not knowing what ideas to focus on and what projects to leave by the wayside. gah. sometimes i wish the ideas would calm down a little so i could get a little rest :)
    Mercer's Daughter said...
    I love that feeling!! I love feeling full of ideas and excitement. I usually start writing down my ideas instead of trying to draw them.
    Oftentimes, years later, I'll come across the notes and use the idea in a painting. Sometimes tho, everything falls right through my fingers.
    I guess it's all part of being an artist:)!!
    katelynjane said...
    I have a love hate relationship with that feeling. I love it because I can't wait to get something made, but I hate it because I want to do EVERYTHING! I love those pictures (:
    Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.
    Shelli said...
    i ♥ flickr so much! i swear i could spend hours and hours on it...just browsing!

    And lottie's (spelling?) the last picture is so fabulous! Her work is breathtakingly beautiful! like yours! ;)

    Honor said...
    Hey, what's with putting one of my pictures in with all those other great artists?! hehe

    Thanks for your kind comments and encouragement... I'm really looking forward to being an 'Etsian' and participating with other store owners.

    I love your Journals, but where's Aquarius? ;-)

    As far as the over-inspiration goes, I'm totally there... maybe I should stop leaving posts that are too long and get back to drawing!

    Thanks again. x. Honor

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